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Game Time…

I found myself in a rather unusual place on Tues Morning of this week.  Yes, the maternity ward of Piedmont hospital is not my normal hang-out, but that is not the place I am speaking of.  At 6:00am in the prep room, waiting for the 7:30am C-section to begin I was transported back in time…and I wanted to throw up!  I felt like I was back in high school playing football on a Friday night.  Prior to almost every game I would be so nervous/excited I would throw up before to leaving the locker room for kick-off.  Well, this was o Friday night, and my wife’s belly resembled more of a basketball than a football, but I was there…in game mode.  I was not nervous that something would go wrong.  I had full faith and assurance in God and our great doctor Nancy Cook that Tenly was in the best hands possible.  For me it was the anticipation of what was to come.  In a few short minutes I would not be gazing across the field and sizing up my opponents, but look upon mine and Tenly’s new-born. Tenly, while having the pains that come with contractions was attempting to calm my nerves and temper my excitement, but all her attempts were in vain, it was game time.  The nurses came and took Tenly back to the OR to prep her for surgery.  the doctor and nurses cam in to give me the rundown of what was to come.  I sat in the transition room where Tenly would return after surgery playing out in my mind what was to come, just like I did many, many time over prior to kickoff. I was figatity, I was anxious, I was focused. Already decked out in my hospital issued OR room attire, the nurse came through the door and called for me.  I was in, and now the game was on.  I walked in the OR where they were beginning the surgery.  They guided me over to where Tenly’s head was and they told me I could sit on the stool next to her.  She was lying on her back, arms out o each side in restraints, with a curtain 2-3 three feet high in front of her.  Tenly  could not see or feel a thing.  I would be the first one of us to see the baby.  Last time I watched none of the procedure.  However, this time I decided to stand and glance over the curtain.  I cautiously looked a few times at the urging of Tenly.  Then, I decided I would just watch.  I had to be all in this time, I had to keep Tenly informed on what was happening, it was my responsibility and it was my role.  Before I knew it, I was the top of a head.  I told Tenly, there is the baby’s head.  Then, the doctor freed the head, and began to pull the baby up by the neck.  I wa ssure at this point it was a boy.  The baby had dark hair and dark skin like me.  I told Tenly the baby is almost here…we are almost there!  And then it happend…Dr. Cook pulled the baby from Tenly’s womb and hoisted my descendent in the air, and what I thought was a boy, what Tenly and I suspected all along was a little man turned out to be a Sammie.  Not a boy Sammie, but a 9lb 7 ounce baby girl, Samantha McKay Stewart.  My heart leapt with joy.  I had secretly wanted another girl.  I looked down in Tenly’s eyes and said Sammie is beautiful.  Tenly’s eyes filled with tears and said we have another little girl.  I wiped a lone tear from her eye and told my wife I was hoping for  Sammie.  That moment was pure joy!  I felt no more nerves, no more anxiety, only peace, joy, and love.  I left the OR nd went with Sammie to the transition room where she would get a thorough inspection and a bath.  While the nurse was cleaning her up, I said wow, she has a lot of hair, would you make her a mohawk?  And, so the nurse made little (well actually big 9.7)  Sammie a mohawk.  All that was left to do now was make the walk down the hall and out the door to the waiting room.  I had made this walk once before, but this time would be different.  This time, I had a 2 & 1/2 year old waiting to her if she had a brother or sister.  Perry was on the shoulders of Tenly’s dad looking through the window in the door to the waiting area.  I opened the door, everyone gathered quickly to meet me.  Perry, now standing before me  looked up to me with anxious eyes.  I bent over grabbed her hands, looked her in the eyes and said, Perry Rose you have a little sister named Sammie.  Mine and Tenly’s parents (as well as my brother ) all said what a surprise, we thought for sure it was a boy.  But that friends is why we play the game, why we don’t find out the gender of the baby, because in that moment the game reaches an epic climax, and with a new life, we all win.  Having a baby game over…raising another daugter…just in the first minute of the first quarter.


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